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Call of Duty Finest Hour is an action-adventure game developed by Infinity Ward and published by Activision. The first release of this game is October 29, 2003, for Microsoft Windows, it is the first instalment of Call of Duty. The game simulates infantry and combined arms warfare of World War II the usage of a changed version of the id Tech III engine. You can download and play Call of Duty – Finest Hour PS2 ISO & ROM on your PlayStation 2 system, android, PC emulator with the last update.

Call Of Duty Finest Hour is a first-person shooter,action-adventure, mission-based video graphic game.

In-game: Call Of Duty Finest Hour the player control an infantry soldier who makes use of various authentic World War II firearms in combat. The player must complete all objectives to advance to the next mission, the player can save and load at any time, rather than the checkpoint system utilized in later Call of Duty games.
The player has two primary weapon slots, a handgun slot, and can carry up to ten grenades. Weapons may be exchanged with those found on the battlefield dropped by dead soldiers.
DeveloperSpark Unlimited Kuju Entertainment
PlatformPlayStation 2
SeriesCall Of Duty
Game Name Call of Duty – Finest Hour
Release DateNovember 16, 2004
GenreFirst-person shooter
Size2.3 GB
Playable onMicrosoft Windows
Xbox 360
Mac OS X
PlayStation 3


Can we play this game on PS1?

Most people ask this question, the answer is pretty simple – you can’t run PlayStation 2 games on PlayStation 1.

Is it possible to play this game on PS3?

Nowadays all PS3 models can be jailbreak without any hardware modification. The exploited system allows you to install/play PS2 games on PS3. But we always recommend checking our mentioned playable tab.

Can I play this game on PC?

Yes, you can play this game on PC. There is an emulator named “PCSX2” PCSX2 emulator allows you to play any PS2 game on your PC/Laptop.

Can I play this game on Xbox?

It’s exclusive PS2 game series that has not been published for other platforms such as Xbox, Xbox One, Wii, etc. You can play this game using an emulator if you have an exploited Xbox system and you can run the emulator on it.

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