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PS3 CCAPI (Control Console API) is a homebrew application that makes establishes a connection between your PS3 and another device such as your computer/laptop (Windows 10) or your android. You can control your PS3 Leds, Ring Buzzer and get PS3 temperature. Also, you’ll have control of PS3 reboot, shut down on your hand. CCAPI PS3 4.85 support CFW (CEX & REX) not HEN.

CCAPI most commonly used to change the console PSID and IDPs. Once you banned from PS3 there is no way to unban yourself. But with the help of CCAPI console manager in 2020, you can unban yourself by changing your PS3 PSID and IDPS up to 4.85 firmware. You can download CCAPI on your both Computer or Android device. You just need an IP connection to make a stable connection between both devices.

CCAPI v 2.80 All Functions

  • Game modding
  • Debug non-fself & fself in real-time
  • Wireless connection
  • Modify IDPs and PSID
  • Edit console LEDs
  • Ring console buzzer
  • Get ps3 temperature

Console Manager v2.80 Changelog

  • Added ps3 TOOL support (with DEX/CEX kernel only)
  • Added console finder into console manager
  • Added vsh menu
  • Added 4.82 CEX support
  • (rev6) Added 4.85 CEX support
  • (rev5) Added 4.84 DEX support
  • (rev5) Added 4.84 CEX support
  • (rev4) Added 4.83 CEX support
  • (rev3) Added 4.82 DEX support
  • (rev2) Reduced memory use

PS3 Firmware Compatibility list

FirmwareCEX SupportedDEX Supported
4.30Yes Yes

How to install CCAPI PS3 4.85 on Windows

  1. Extract RAR file on your computer desktop or any specific folder.
  2. Go to X:\CcApi_package_2.80_Rev6\PC
  3. Run CCAPI-setupV2.80 exe as administrator
  4. Follow the installation introduction
  5. Run CCAPI from desktop shortcut.

How to install CCAPI PS3 4.85 on android?

  1. Open android Google Play-Store
  2. Search for CCAPI
  3. Click on download or install button
  4. Follow the installation introduction.
  5. Run CCAPI from the mobile screen shortcut.

You’ll need these

Conclusion – Now you have a new PS3 tool on both Laptop/desktop or android device. I would like to hear from you how useful is this tool for you. Leave your feedback or issues in the comment section. Like my Facebook page and subscribe to my YouTube channel to stay connected with me.

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