Fastest Way to Transfer Games to PS3

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The most difficult task in the world is to wait for that which we are in a hurry for. I already shared with you how to install PS3 games via USB. But as you know PS3 only support FAT32 format and FAT32 formatted drive don’t accept over 4GB file. You can still install PS3 games through USB. But first, you will have to split and install the file of your game which is more than 4 GB. You can transfer via LAN or wireless games to PS3 using PS3 FTP server. But you’ll get slow speed.

Keep in mind that this post only for CFW users. This also works for OFW/HFW/HEN console but the method is different. Here I’m sharing with you Fastest Way to Transfer Games to PS3 via LAN cable. Let me tell you one more thing. I tried to download the game from sony official website (PlayStation Store) using 100Mbps internet connection. But I got max up to 3-4Mbps speed which is too disappointing for me. Well, this fastest way gonna change your experience.

Make sure your console have installed PS3 Rebug or Overflow 4.85 CFW. This process also requires web-man or Multiman 4.85. Once you have installed both of these you can go with below-mentioned steps. Be ready this process gonna be increase your PC to PS3 game transferring speed up to 30Mbps. Connect your PS3 to PC via LAN cable and let’s get started.

Fastest Way to Transfer games to PS3

  1. Go to network & setting on your computer.
  2. Change adapter option.
  3. Open Ethernet property.
  4. Open Ethernet protocol version 4 (TCP/IPV4) Property.
  5. In general IP address:, Subnet Mask:, Default Gateway:
  6. Use the following DNS addresses, Preferred DNS Server:, Alternate DNS server:
  7. Go to PS3 and setup internet connection.
  8. Leave everything default just enter manual DNS and IP address.
  9. IP address, Subnet Mask:, Default Gateway:, Primary DNS address:, secondary DNS address:
  10. Install irisman or multiman on your PS3 console (I recommend Irisman)
  11. Run Irisman and press the start button.
  12. Activate FTP server. (Your IP address should be
  13. Run any FTP server software on your PC of your choice. (I recommend Filezilla)
  14. Go to File>Site Manager and create a new site.
  15. In general Host:, Port: 21, Encryption: Use explicit FTP over TLS if available, Logon Type: Normal, User: FTPD12345, Password: 12345.
  16. In Transfer settings – Transfer Mode: Active, Check limit number of simultaneous connections, Maximum number of connection: 1
  17. leave other things default and click OK.
  18. Select your created site to connect your PS3 to PC.

Sometimes it’s show errors like timeout and others. I also faced too many different errors which a good sign to mention here which can help you to resolve your issues.

PS3 FTP Server FAQs-

My Connection timed out after 20 seconds of inactivity

Open CMD as administrator and type – t. If you got connection with timeout. Reboot your PS3 and PC and try again.

It’s saying Insecure server, it does not support FTP over TLS

Just ignore this message. This message will never affect your connection or transferring speed.

You’ll need these

Conclusion – I told you in this article how to increase PS3 FTP server speed or you can say fastest way to transfer games to PS3. Feel free to leave your feedback or issues in the comment section. Like my Facebook page and subscribe to my YouTube channel and stay connected with me.

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