Install MultiMan on PS3 Super Slim

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This is a pretty awesome & useful article. Because here you gonna learn how to install MultiMan on PS3 super slim console on 4.84 via USB. Earlier it wasn’t possible on PS3 super slim. Now we can enable Hombrew on any HAN Jailbroken PS3 console. You can use your fresh or jailbroken console. But this process requires a jailbroken console. If you have a un-jailbroken or fresh PS3 console. Go with PS3 Jailbreak 4.84.

Through this article, you can also fix MultiMan 80010017 error. You have to understand. Mutiman only works with Homebrew. So, if you enable Homebrew through this article. You’ll fix your PS3 Multiman 80010017 error. Make sure you read the whole article and fulfill requirements. So, let’s get started.


  • A Laptop or Desktop
  • A UBS or external Hard Drive (Minimum Space 1GB)
  • Stable internet connection

How to Install MultiMan on PS3 Super Slim?

  1. Extract required files into one folder.
  2. Install HFW 4.82.2 firmware on your PS3 console.
  3. Copy PS3 HEN V2\STEP 2 HAN USB folder files and paste them into the USB root folder
  4. Go to PS3 HEN V2\STEP 3 HEN PKG USB folder and copy HEN v2, PS3HEN.BIN, stackframe.bin file and paste them into the USB root folder.
  5. Copy PS3 HEN V2\html folder HTML files and paste them into the htdocs>miniweb folder.
  6. Run MiniWeb exe and remember your IP address.
  7. Plug your USB drive on your PS3 second port.
  8. Go to PS3 Screen and open internet browser.
  9. Press the triangle button and go to Tools and select Homepage.
  10. Use blank page and put your MiniWeb IP address on address tab.
  11. Delete Cookies, Search History, Cache, Authentications and restart your browser.
  12. Click on han_flash_mount_blind HTML file.
  13. Go to package manager>install package file>Standard and install HEN v2 PKG file.
  14. Restart your PS3 console manually.
  15. Enable HEN
  16. Install Multiman

Note: You must have installed HFW 4.82.2 firmware to complete this process even you already have installed 4.84 OFW. If you read the whole then it’s a quite simple process to do. I suggest you read the whole article to collect more information about MultiMan installation on PS3 Super Slim console.

Require files

Conclusion – I hope you have successfully installed MultiMan on your PS3 super slim console. If this article helps you please leave feedback in the comment section and share with your contacts. Like my Facebook page and subscribe to YouTube channel and stay connected with me.

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