How to Install PS3 game over 4gb via USB

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I already shared with you how to install PS3 games on PS3 via USB. The game installation process on HAN Jailbroken console requires a FAT32 formatted USB drive. It doesn’t matter how larger your external drive is. The question is how larger file FAT32 accepts. Maybe you read my previous article but now you have over 4GB game PKG file and you are unable to install. Because PS3 only supports FAT32 formatted USB drive and FAT32 formatted USB drive not accept larger than 4GB files. So, read this whole article carefully because in this article we gonna talk about how to install over 4GB PS3 games via USB.

First of all, I don’t know which window version you are using. But according to my experience. Windows 7 and Windows 10 won’t allow you to format larger drive with FAT32. But there is some software which allows you to format larger drive with FAT32. Use Easeus Partition Master software to format your larger drive. There is various way to install over 4GB PS3 PKG game on PlayStation 3. But in this article, we are going with TrueAcenstor Backup Retailer. So let’s get started.

Various Way to Install PS3 Over 4GB games

  • PS3 PKG Linker v2.0 – Via LAN (Read More)
  • PS3 Pexploit lite 1.0 – (Read More)
  • Backup & Restore – (Read More)
  • MuxPort – (Read More)

Require files:-

How to Install PS3 game over 4GB Via USB?

  1. Download require files and extract them into one folder on your computer.
  2. Plug your USB or external hard drive on your PS3 console second port.
  3. Turn on your PlayStation 3 and go to System Setting>Backup Utility and make a backup.
  4. Plug your USB drive on your PC and copy Backup file.
  5. Run Retailer as administrator
  6. Paste your backup file on TrueAncestor Backup Retailer v2.30\backup folder
  7. Open your game with PKG viewer
  8. Extract your game on \TrueAncestor Backup Retailer v2.30\game folder.
  9. Restart retailer program exe
  10. Type 1 and press enter button in TrueAncestor exe to load the backup file
  11. Again type 1 and press enter to add the backup file
  12. Press 4 to load games
  13. Now press S to show game name
  14. Press A to add game
  15. Type S for injecting game in the backup file
  16. Now Type ok to start your injection process
  17. Now copy paste backup file from TrueAncestor Backup Retailer>Output folder to your external HDD PS3>EXPORT>BACKUP folder
  18. Plug your USB drive on your PlayStation 3 second port.
  19. Restore backup file

Now you have successfully installed PS3 over 4GB games on your PS3 console. But you can’t run your game until you patch game license. To patch license you must dump act.dat and idps.hex file. Once you have installed PS3 game on your console. Follow the below patch license introduction.

How to patch PS3 game licence?

  1. Download requires files and extracts them into one folder anywhere in computer.
  2. Copy your console act.dat file and paste it on PS3xploit-resigner-master\input\act_dat
  3. Now Copy your console idps.hex file and paste it on PS3xploit-resigner-master\input\idps_hex
  4. Put your game PKG file on PS3xploit-resigner-master\input\pkgs
  5. Copy and paste your game RAP file on the PS3xploit-resigner-master\raps folder.
  6. Run resigner window as administrator.
  7. Copy result file from PS3xploit-resigner-master\output\pkgs and paste on your USB drive.
  8. Plug your USB drive on your PS3 second port.
  9. Go to Package Manager and first install your game.
  10. Install Licence PKG

Conclusion:- I hope guys you have installed your favorite PS3 game on your PlayStation 3 console. If you have any questions or queries related to this article. Please feel free to contact me using the forum page or like my Facebook page and subscribe to YouTube channel. I’ll be happy to help you.

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