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According to my experience, people stay on different firmware versions and enjoy jailbreak features. Because on PS3, firmware version not require for most of the games to enjoy. As you know PS3 has been fully jailbroken and latest PlayStation 3 system update version is 4.87. If you are on lower version then we suggest update your system version and enjoy latest features. You can use this guide “Install PS3 Games Step by Step” on previous jailbreak version.

Update your system software version is optional. If you update it, congrats now you gonna get a better experience as compared to previous experience. Keep your things ready so you can follow all steps which are pretty simple.

You’ll need these

  • Jailbroken PS3 – As I have mentioned above, PS3 has been fully jailbroken. In case you don’t have jailbroken your console. Feel free to use this guide “PS3 Jailbreak 4.87
  • PS3 Game – PS3 support many game formats such as PS3_Game folder (Disk Format), Package File (PKG) and others. But Disk Format and PKG is suitable and easy to find formats.
  • USB Disk, HDD or LAN Cable – You need FAT32 Formatted USB disk (4GB under games) for small games. Or you can use external hard drive for above 4GB games. Or you can directly send your games from PC to PS3.
  • Multiman – Multiman support HFW/HEN and CFW on latest jailbreak. It doesn’t you have slim or super slim. Because you can run MultiMan on any exploited PS3 system.
  • reActPSN – Install reActPSN on your exploit PS3 system for activating PSN (PKG License).

Install PS3 PKGs step by step

  1. Put PS3 PKG on your FAT32 formatted USB root.
  2. Put RAP file into exdata folder.
  3. Enable HEN (Hybrid Firmware (HFW Exploit) Console Only)
  4. Go to packages installer and install game PKG.
  5. Run reActPSN to patch game by pressing the R1 button.

Note: You need an RAP file for PKG games to avoid PlayStation Store license errors. We do not share games but you can search on Google.

Install PS3 Disk Games step by step

  1. Create the “GAMES” folder in your FAT32 formatted USB root in upper case.
  2. Enable HEN (Hybrid Firmware (HFW Exploit) Console Only)
  3. Run MultiMan
  4. Go to game tab and press triangle on your game.
  5. Run copy process or you can run from USB HDD.

Conclusion – Mentioned above both method is a pretty easy way to install PS3 games. If you guys want me to mention LAN cable or FTP installation steps in this article. Write in the comment section. Like My Facebook Page and Subscribe to YouTube channel and stay connected with us.

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