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You know what nowadays PS2 and PS3 emulator available for PC named PCSX2 and RPCS3. PS1 has had a huge release like ePSXE, Mednafen, PCSX, pSX, RetroArch and VGS XP. But I like most ePSXE. Here we are talking about only PS1 emulator named ePSXE. So now it is not PS3 console which you can jailbreak and play games of PS1 and PS2 in it. You will have to use the same emulator of the platform on which platform you want to play the game on the computer. The only advantage of having a computer is that anything is possible. I’m not sure but you can’t play PS1 games on PCSX2 emulator.

As I always say real emulator not require external BIOS. So, don’t west your time on surveys. This ePSXE emulator comes with BIOS with you can find along with PS1 emulator. The best thing about the PSX emulator is that PS1 games can run on the low configuration computer. You can also play multiplayer games with your friends using PSX emulator. Here you can download PSX best 2019 emulator with the best configuration. So, let’s get started.

Emulator Details

Emulator NameePSXE 1.6.0
Emulator Version1.6.0
Emulator BIOSIncluded
Emulator PluginsIncluded
Publish DateMay 24, 2008

How to configure PS1 emulator?

  1. Extract ePSXE emulator and BIOS rar files on your computer desktop or any specific folder.
  2. Copy the BIOS file and put it on BIOS folder.
  3. Run ePSXE exe.
  4. Go to Configure>Wizard Configure.
  5. Click on configure ePSXE emulator.
  6. Select any BIOS according to your need (I use scph1001 – USA recommended)
  7. In video select Pete’s OpenGL2Driver 2.7 and configure.
  8. Use Pete’s OpenGL2Driver 2.7 Nice settings.
  9. Select CD-ROM ISO Image Driver 1.0
  10. Use everything default and set up your gamepad.
  11. Go to File>Run ISO and select your game ISO or BIN file.

This is ePSXE emulator basic (Nice) setting. If you have a good hardware config computer. Then your PS1 games will run smoothly on your PC. I’ll publish another article on ePSXE emulator best setting of 2019. Low configuration computer users have to be config this emulator to run PS1 game smoothly on his computer or laptop.


Will ePSXE emulator ask for plugins?

As I mentioned in the emulator details. Emulator plugins included. You no need to download and install plugins on ePSXE emulator.

Will the emulator ask for BIOS?

Yes, this emulator will ask you for BIOS to run games. But don’t worry you can find ePSXE emulator BIOS along with PS1 emulator. All you need to do is just paste BIOS in BIOS folder.

Can I run all PS1 games using ePSXE emulator?

I have tried and run many of my favourite PS3 games on this emulator. Games were running smoothly without any bugs.

Minimum System Requirements

ProcessorPentium 4 with 2.0Ghz
RAM2GB Single or Dual slot DDR1 1333Mhz
Graphic Card1GB 64Bit
OSWindows XP or Windows 7
Hard DiskUse any Hard Disk with Minimum Space 5GB

Recommended System Requirements

ProcessorDual Core with 3.0Ghz
RAM4GB Single or Dual Slot DDR2 1666Mhz
Graphic Card2GB 128Bit
OSWindows 10 Recommended
Hard DiskUse any Hard Disk with Minimum Space 5GB

You’ll need these

ePSXE With Plugins

PS1 Emulator BIOS (ePSXE BIOS)

Conclusion – I shared with you best emulator of PS1 named ePSXE. Feel free to leave your feedback and issues in the comment section. Like my Facebook page and subscribe to my YouTube channel and stay connected with me.

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