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PS2 was released on March 4, 2000. 2 years after the release of PS2, the PCSX2 team came out and released the emulator of PS2 named PCSX2. from March 4, 2000, to January 8, 2016, people kept fooling people on YouTube and blogs by name of PS2 emulator. The truth is real emulator released on January 8, 2016. If there are any emulators other than that, I do not know about them. Because the Maximum emulator used to conduct a survey in the name of bios.

Real emulator never asks external BIOS. When I use to work on my old website and blog, most people request to bypass survey so they can download password to unlock BIOS. PS3 emulator also available named RPCS3 emulator. You also no need BIOS for PS3 emulator. PS2 emulator will require you to put BIOS in document BIOS folder. You can find BIOS along with PS2 emulator. So here you can download PCSX2 emulator and BIOS with no password no survey. Also, you’ll learn the basic configuration of PS2 emulator. So, let’s get started.

PCSX2 Emulator basic configuration

  1. Extract PCSX2 setup and BIOS on computer desktop or any specific folder.
  2. Run PCSX2 emulator as administrator.
  3. Follow and finish the PCSX2 installation.
  4. Run PS2 emulator from the desktop shortcut or go to your installation directory.
  5. Go to config Plugin/BIOS sector>BIOS.
  6. Copy your extracted PS2 BIOS file and paste them into X:\Documents\PCSX2\bios.
  7. Refresh list to update BIOS.
  8. Select any BIOS according to your need.
  9. Go to config>emulation setting.
  10. Check preset box and make it safe (faster) for now.
  11. Again go to config Plugin/BIOS sector.
  12. Configure CDVD and select Linuz Iso CDVD 0.9.0.
  13. Select your game ISO file.
  14. Go to system and boot CDVD fast.

Keep in mind that this is the basic settings of PCSX2 emulator. I’ll publish another tutorial on PCSX2 best configuration or setting 2019. If you have good computer hardware then PCSX2 emulator will not require to make more change. Above mentioned changes are enough for good gaming PC.


Can I play any PS2 game using PCSX2 emulator?

I test this emulator with many games. According to my experience, all games work fine but some game run with bugs which can be fixed after changing some settings on PCSX2 emulator.

Which game format I need to run on PCSX2 emulator?

PS2 emulator supports many formats. But the question is why to go with other formats when all games available in ISO formats.

Is this working emulator or will it work for me?

This is one and only official PCSX2 emulator which released by PCSX2 team. Lot’s of people using this including me. So, it’s safe and sure, the best part free to use.

Minimum System requirement

ProcessorAny Dual Core Processor with minimum 2.0hz
RAM4GB RAM (1666Mhz Recommended)
Graphic Card2GB Graphic Card (64Bit)
OSWindows 7 (Windows 10 Recommended)
Hard DiskUse any hard disk with minimum space 10GB

Recommended system requirement

ProcessorQuad-Core Processor with 3.0hz
RAM8GB RAM (2100Mhz Recommended)
Graphic Card4GB Graphic Card (128Bit)
OSWindows 7 (Windows 10 Recommended)
Hard DiskUse any hard disk with minimum space 10GB

You’ll need these

Conclusion – Now you have PS2 emulator called PCSX2 and you know the basic configuration of it. Do not hesitate to leave your feedback or issues in the comment section. Like my Facebook page and subscribe to my YouTube channel to stay connected with me.

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