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PS2 FPKG allows you to convert PS2 ISO/BIN into Fake PKG (FPKG). Does means this homebrew application is only useful for jailbroken users. You can simply install result FPKG on your PlayStation 4 console via USB. PS2 FPKG v0.6 is the latest jailbreak which comes with new features. Also v0.6 gonna give your better performance along with add-on features. You can check out all-new features/functionality in the changelog

PS2 FPKG Changelog v0.6:

  • Added an option to change the DS4 Lightbar colour for normal gameplay and for fast forward mode.
  • The command-line window is now hidden, animated “Creating PKG” text on the status bar is now shown instead
  • The main window won’t freeze anymore while creating a PKG (pkg creation process was moved to a different thread)
  • PKG creation errors will now show up in a window
  • Added settings for uprender, upscale, and display mode in the new “Graphics Settings” tab”
  • Added a FastForward option, this allows you to set a custom combo to remove the frame limiter, and for example, speed up loading screens or FMVs, or even gameplay sometimes.
  • FastForward option is available in 2 modes. Hold the combo to fast-forward or press a combo to toggle it on/off.
  • Added game elf CRC reading to allow imported widescreen patches to be found by the app(via crc.exe)
  • Added auto widescreen patches (3700 patches fetched from pcsx2 repository)
  • “Try to fix graphics” is now enabled by default
  • Some GUI changes
  • More broken English

Application Details

Application NamePS2 FPKG
Application VersionVersion 0.6
File Size14MB

How to use PS2 FPKG

  1. Run ps2-fpkg.exe as administrator.
  2. Select the ISO of the PS2 game in “Disc1”
  3. Click “Create FPKG” and choose a storage location
  4. Install the created FPKG on your PS4 and enjoy.

What you can do Optionally?

  • Change background graphic when starting the game (Bg),
  • Create a multi-disc game (up to 5 iso)
  • Add your own config text,
  • Change the game icon (Icon),
  • Add your own config Lua,
  • Import a custom 8MB memory card (.ps2, .vm2, .bin [OPL VMC])
  • Change PS Vita remote play key bindings
  • Customize the lightbar colors
  • Use FastForward(works best on loading screens)
  • Select the emulator to be used by the game (by default there are 2 known to be most compatible, you can add more)

How to enable Widescreen Patches?

  1. Check the “Widescreen Patches” checkbox in the “Graphics Settings” tab.
  2. It’s not enabled by default because it needs some more testing. This setting will be saved.
  3. If the app finds a widescreen patch for your game, it will be automatically used.

Add more emulators:

  1. Put the folder with emulator files into the “emus” folder, restart ps2-fpkg,
  2. new emulators should show up on the list, that’s all.

You’ll need these

Conclusion – PS2 FPKG is the best utility (PC Tool) according to my experience for converting PS2 ISO/BIN into FPKG. This tool gonna much easier for you to enjoy your content on your exploited PS4 console. Like my Facebook page and subscribe to YouTube channel and stay connected with me.

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