PS3 Jailbreak Compatibility list

by Shaaz (Admin)

PS3 Jailbreak Compatibility list very important thing while we talk about PS3 Jailbreak. Without this compatible list, it will be hard to figure out your system NOR/NOND. Locate your PS3 model number close to the bar code sticker starting with CECH-XXXX. Once you got your PS3 model number, you can check below — is your PS3 support PS3 HEN installer or compatible with CFW? Here we’ve listed all possible PS3 FAT, Slim and Superslim models.

ModelTypeNOR SupportedNAND SupportedJailbreak Type
CECHAxx 0x01NoYesCFW Installer/HEN Installer
CECHAxx 0x01 NoYesCFW Installer/HEN Installer
CECHBxx 0x02 NoYes CFW Installer/HEN Installer
CECHBxx 0x02 NoYes CFW Installer/HEN Installer
CECHCxx 0x03NoYes CFW Installer/HEN Installer
CECHCxx 0x03NoYes CFW Installe /HEN Installer
CECHDxx NoNo CFW Installer/HEN Installer
CECHExx 0x04NoYes CFW Installer/HEN Installer
CECHFxx NoNo CFW Installer/HEN Installer
CECHGxx 0x05NoYes CFW Installer/HEN Installer
CECHHxx 0x06YesNo CFW Installer/HEN Installer
CECHIxx NoNo CFW Installer/HEN Installer
CECHJxx 0x07YesNo CFW Installer/HEN Installer
CECHKxx 0x07YesNoCFW Installer /HEN Installer
CECHLxx 0x08NoNoCFW Installer /HEN Installer
CECHMxx 0x08YesNoCFW Installer /HEN Installer
CECHNxx YesNoCFW Installer /HEN Installer
CECHOxx NoNoCFW Installer /HEN Installer
CECHPxx 0x08YesNoCFW Installer /HEN Installer
CECHQxx 0x08YesNoCFW Installer /HEN Installer

PS3 Slim Compatibility list:-

ModelTypeNOR SupportedNAND SupportedJailbreak Type
CECH-20xxA 0x09YesNoCFW Installer /HEN Installer
CECH-20xxB 0x09YesNoCFW Installer /HEN Installer
CECH-21xxA 0x0AYesNoCFW Installer /HEN Installer
CECH-21xxB 0x0AYesNoCFW Installer /HEN Installer
CECH-25xxA 0x0BYesNoCFW Installer /HEN Installer
CECH-25xxB 0x0BYesNoCFW Installer /HEN Installer
CECH-30xxA 0c0CYesNoHAN Installer
CECH-30xxB 0x0CYesNoHAN Installer

PS3 Super Slim Compatibility List:-

ModelTypeNOR SupportedeMMC SupportedJailbreak Type
CECH-40xxA 0x0DNoYesHEN Installer
CECH-40xxB 0x0DYesNoHEN Installer
CECH-40xxC 0x0DYesNoHEN Installer
CECH-42xxA ?0x0E?NoYesHEN Installer
CECH-42xxB ?0x0E?YesNoHEN Installer
CECH-42xxC ?0x0E?YesNoHEN Installer
CECH-42xxA ?0x0E? NoYesHEN Installer
CECH-42xxB ?0x0E? YesNoHEN Installer
CECH-42xxC ?0x0E? YesNoHEN Installer
CECH-43xxA ?0x0F?NoYesHEN Installer
CECH-43xxB ?0x0F?YesNoHEN Installer
CECH-43xxC 0x13YesNoHEN Installer

HEN Installer is a WebKit Exploit process which especially for nonCFW users (Above CECH-2508B). If you have a CECH-2508B PS3 slim model or lower. You should follow PS3 CFW Installer.

Summary ⇨ I hope this compatible list help you to find a compatible jailbreak type for you. Like our Facebook page and subscribe to our YouTube channel and stay connected with me.

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leonardo May 13, 2020 - 6:03 pm

a senha de extrair

Shaaz (Admin) May 15, 2020 - 10:53 pm

English Please

jiten2021 September 1, 2020 - 1:09 am

Hello bro, You share here very useful for PS3.
Still I am little confused about my PS3 console.
Need your help.
I have PS3 super slim CECH 4208A firmware 4.75 12GB model.
I have just upgrade it 500gb.
I searched lot of on web, most of says, my above model can’t jailbreak.
So please suggest me, is it possible to jailbreak it or any other optional way.
As I have no much knowledge about it, Please guide me step by step process to jailbreak my console.

Shaaz (Admin) September 3, 2020 - 10:37 am

Hi, All models can be jailbreak, CFW installer work only up to PS3 FAT slim models upto CECH-2508B series. Superslim can be jailbreak by using ps3xploit v3 (HEN). Don’t search for CFW firmware for your superslim console. Just follow this process

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