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By now you may have come to know that PS3 4.85 is now live. Which I had very little hope for. But now that Sony has released this, then the difference is going to be more for those playing online games. Everyone knows that to play online games, you have to log in to the account. But if your console is not on the latest firmware, then the message will continue to appear on your screen “The latest update data was found. Version 4.85”.

So I was talking about this problem. You want to play free games and play online. Jailbreak is required for free games and to play online you have to update the firmware. If you update, the jailbreak will not be there. What to do now? There is nothing to worry about. Like I wrote in my previous article, Jailbreak users always have options. But those who have already updated Already cannot do anything.

No update need! Play Online PS3 Games on 4.84

If you have seen my old post, then I have already told you that how can we play online games without updating using the PS3 proxy server? Post proxy server is the only software that will be your partner right now. If you do not know what is PS3 proxy server? How to use it? etc. So, you will get those things in FAQs which is also important for you to read.

PS3 Proxy Server Configure 4.84

  1. Extract require files on your computer desktop or any specific folder.
  2. Copy PS3 Proxy Server file and paste it on your Windows directory such as C:/
  3. Install .net firmware 1.1
  4. Run PS3 Proxy Server exe.
  5. Open CMD as Administrator
  6. Type ipconfig
  7. Copy IPV4 IP address
  8. Paste IPv4 IP address on PlayStation 3 Proxy Server
  9. Port should be 8080
  10. Enable PS3 Mode
  11. Start PS3 Proxy Server
  12. Go to PS3 Network and set up internet connection.
  13. Use custom settings and leave everything default.
  14. Use PlayStation 3 Proxy Server
  15. Put IPv4 address manually.
  16. Test internet connection
  17. Try to login or signup for a PSN account.
  18. Open PS3.ProxyServer.GUI and go to logs.
  19. Open first link with internet browser
  20. Copy all text and paste it on desktop
  21. Replace 4.85 with 4.84
  22. Rename file with ps3-updatelist.txt
  23. Go to replace file.
  24. Replace your old link “” with saved text file.
  25. Stop and start PS3 Proxy Server.
Play Online PS3 Games at 4.84

If you wear this article carefully for 5 minutes then it is very easy. Otherwise, everything in the world is difficult, which you do not know. I think you all have understood and are enjoying your PS3 games online at 4.84 without updating the PS3. Now is not the time to go. Let’s take a look at FAQs.


I got an error “Failed to load resources from resource file please check your setup.”

If you are facing this, then there is a very easy way to do this. I wasted a lot of my week in finding solutions for this error. You have to install All Time Run (AIO) on your computer. Which error you are facing it’s because of C++. AIO will fix this issue.

RegSvcs.exe – Common Language Runtime Debugging Services

Applications has generated an exception that could not be handled. Process id=0x2ea0 (11936,) Thread id=0x16e4 (5860). Click OK to terminate the application. Click CANCEL to debug the application. If you are facing this error. Then you have to follow a couple of steps. Which I can’t mention in this article. I’m gonna write a separate article on it. Read how to fix RegSfcs.exe common language runtime debugging service error.

Conclusion – Hope this article has been helpful for you and you will not have made the mistake of updating. Join me on Facebook, YouTube so that you will get all the upcoming posts. If you have a question regarding this article, you can write it in the comment section.

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