PS3 HAN Toolbox V0.7.1

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PS3 HAN Toolbox v0.7.1 is the latest version of HAN toolbox till now. Latest version means latest and more new good stuffs. PS3 HAN toolbox allow you to enable HAN, ebug PKG mode, Copie RIP, Dump act.dat and idps.hex file etc. But this process require a Jailbroken console. If still you haven’t jailbreak you PS3 console. Read PS3 jailbreak 4.84. As I mentioned too many times on my many topics. There is two type of jailbreak. So, don’t forget to check the PS3 Jailbreak compatibility list.

All the time to enabling HAN or other PS3Xploit v3.0 features. You have to enable internet connection on your PlayStation 3 console which is too annoying. Here is great news for you. Now you can use HAN toolbox features without internet. Read how to install PS3 HAN offline. Make sure you follow all the steps and follow carefully. So, let’s get started.


  • Jailbroken PS3 console
  • A USB Hard Drive
  • Laptop or desktop
  • Stable internet connection

Require files

How to install PS3 HAN toolbox v0.7.1

  1. Download require files and extract it using WinRar
  2. Plug your USB drive on PC and format it with FAT32
  3. Copy PS3 HAN toolbox v0.7.1 and paste it on USB root folder
  4. Plug your USB drive on your PS3 second port
  5. Go to package manager and install HAN PKG

Once you have installed HAN pkg file. It can require you to restart your PS3 console to show HAN toolbox on your gaming tab. If it’s won’t show even after restart your PS3 console. Then you must jailbreak gain your PS3 console with the latest HAN release files. You can follow this article PS3Xploit v3.0.1 Super Slim Jailbreak 4.84.

Conclusion:- I hope you have successfully installed PS3 HAN toolbox v0.7.1 on your PlayStation 3 console. In case, if HAN toolbox latest version won’t showing or working. Feel free to leave a comment in the comment section or use forum page to get help from my side. I’ll try my best to help you. Like my Facebook page and subscribe to YouTube channel and stay connected with me.

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