PS3 OFW to CFW 4.84

by Shaaz (Admin)

PS3 OFW to CFW 4.84 process is quite simple. I know you are looking for PS3 jailbreak 4.84, that’s why you are here. If you really wanna jailbreak or convert your PS3 console. Read & understand carefully this article. The jailbreak process began a long time ago. Maybe you heard of two types of jailbreak. People confuse between HAN/HEN/WebKit/Exploits/HFW and CFW. To be honest – You do not need to think more about it. Just locate your PS3 model number and check with the compatible list.

PlayStation 3 has three models. Fat, slim and super slim. But the main confusion thing is, Slim has 2XXX and 3XXX model series and both slim. That’s why most people brick PS3 systems. You need to make sure your console is compatible with the CFW installer or not. If not then check out PS3 HEN Jailbreak 4.88. Maybe now you may confuse between the CFW installer and HAN Jailbreak. You can read the difference between PS3 HEN Jailbreak vs CFW Installer. Now let’s go toward the jailbreaking process.


  • Compatible PS3 System
  • A USB drive 2.0 with minimum 1GB space
  • A Computer/desktop (You can also do with your mobile phone. But it can be difficult for you.)
  • Stable Internet Connection


  • Prevision bugs fixed
  • Easy to install (but not quite simple)
  • Support PKG files/ (USB Drive/External Hard Drive)
  • Multi-man backup manager
  • Improve downloading and installation speed
  • Play Online Games
  • Access PSN after Jailbreak
  • Access game from the optical drive
  • Improve system performance
  • You can access and downloaded backup games
  • 100% Legal
  • Game work by the optical drive

Before that, go to your PS3 system information and check the firmware version. If it’s 4.84 then keep following this article. If not then update your PS3 firmware via USB. You may have a look at PS3 jailbreak 4.82 which is really easy according to the 4.84 installing process. Once you Jailbreak your PS3 console on 4.82. Then you no need to follow this article. Just download and install PS3 Official CFW on your PS3 console.

PS3 OFW to CFW 4.84 Introduction

  1. Extract requires files on your PC and extract them into one folder.
  2. Create root folder into your USB drive PS3 ⇨ UPDATE.
  3. Copy and paste the MinVer checker file into the UPDATE folder.
  4. Rename MinVerPup to PS3UDPAT.PUP
  5. Go to PS3Update and update it via mass storage. (If it says 3.56 or lower, then congrats you are ready to jailbreak. Above version don’t follow)
  6. Check the compatibility list and make sure your console is NOR or NAND.
  7. Plug your USB drive on your computer and replace the MinVer Checker file with HFW.
  8. Simple install HFW on your PS3 console. (If you are unable to install it simply, use safe mode to install HFW)
  9. Go to MiniWebhtdocs and delete upload, uploaded and index file.
  10. Go to NOR NAND IDPS dumper, Copy all file and paste it under MiniWebhtdocs folder.
  11. Run MiniWeb as administrator.
  12. Connect the internet to your PS3 console.
  13. Open the web browser and clear cache, cookies, and authentication.
  14. Press tringle FileTools Set Blank homepage
  15. Reopen your browser and press start to put your MiniWeb IP address.
  16. Plug your USB drive on your PS3 second port.
  17. Click on index_nor.html.
  18. Now click on initialize exploitation. (If you face failure or error message. Keep trying)
  19. Once you got success message. Click on Dump 16Mb NOR Flash to USB device.
  20. Copy dump.hex file on your computer any safe place. I suggest you make 2-3 copies. Because it’s your original dump.hex file.
  21. Run MD5 Checker and open flash.hex file from the NORD NAND writer folder.
  22. Double click on hex file and paste this code “AB2B3A2E23FA731301260F5702FC4101” on second tab. If both code same. It’s mean you have the correct flash.hex file.
  23. Copy and paste flash.hex file on your USB root folder.
  24. Go to MiniWebhtdocs and delete our all last time pasted file.
  25. Copy and paste all NOR NAND writer file into MiniWebhtdocs folder.
  26. Open your PS3 browser and select index_nor.html. (Page title should be PS3 NOR Flasher)
  27. Click on initialize exploitation and wait for the success message. (Make sure your USB plugged into PS3 second port)
  28. After the success message click on patch NOR Flash memory.
  29. Once you got the successful message. Repeat dumper steps again to dump patched dump.hex file again.
  30. Copy and paste the patched dump.hex file into the PyPS3 Master Tool folder.
  31. Drag and drop patched dump.hex file on drag&drop_your_dump_here.bat file.
  32. The number of danger and warning should be 0.
  33. Great now you are ready to install CFW on your PS3 console.
  34. Copy and paste PS3 CFW firmware on UBS PS3UPDATE Folder. (Delete older files from USB)
  35. Go to update and update via storage media.

You’ll need these

Summary ⇨ I hope you guys understand and successfully convert PS3 OFW to CFW 4.84 If still, you have any queries regarding this tutorial, please feel free to write us in the comment section. Like our Facebook page and subscribe to our YouTube channel and stay connected with us.

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sdsdqqd deqdw June 20, 2021 - 3:00 am

what’s the password for zip extraction?

Shaaz (Admin) June 24, 2021 - 6:51 am

Pass: Smart Game Tech

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