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Looking for PS3 Jailbreak 4.88 CFW guide? Well, this article will guide how to jailbreak a PS3 up to 4.88 CFW firmware. Keep in mind this post is only for CFW users. You can continue this article if you have a compatible CFW PS3 system which you can find in PS3 compatibility list. I already have shared with you PS3HEN (HEN Installer) guide for nonCFW (above CECH-2508B Model) users. If you have a compatible CFW system and you have installed OFW on it. You can convert PS3 OFW to CFW 4.88.

The process is quite simple, you should have an exploited system below 4.88, a USB drive and required files which you can find below. @Evilnat released publically PS3 CFW 4.88.2. It’s final 4.88 fixed & improved update by Evilnat. Now you can follow below steps.

New/added features & Improvements

Power Options

  • Turns off the PS3
  • Hard Reboot
  • Soft Reboot
  • Reboot LV2

Basic Tools? xRegistry Tools

  • Backup xRegistry.sys
  • Button Assignment

Cobra Tools

  • Cobra Information: Shows current Cobra information
  • Check Syscall 8: Checks Cobra’s Syscall 8 status
  • Create Syscalls: Create syscalls 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 15 and 35
  • Allow Restore Syscalls: Allows restoring syscalls through “System Update”
  • Skip license creation: Skips overwriting license file (RIF) if it already exists
  • Toggle Cobra Version: Toggles between release and debug versions (reboot is required)
  • Toggle Cobra: Enables or disables Cobra (reboot is required)

File Manager

  • Manage all active partitions
  • Manage PS3 Files in /dev_hdd0
  • Manage Files on your USB devices
  • Manage cached files
  • Manage PS3 internal flash files
  • Manage optical discs
  • Manage meory cards

Cobra Tools> FAN Tools

  • Control FAN Mode: DISABLED: Disables Cobra’s Control FAN
  • Control FAN Mode: SYSCON: Allows the PS3’s SYSCON to control FAN speed
  • Control FAN Mode: MAX: Set Cobra FAN speed to 0xFF

Cobra Tools> QA Tools

  • Check QA Flags: Check if QA flags are enabled or disabled
  • Enable QA Flags: Enables QA Flags
  • Disable QA Flags: Disables QA Flags

Basic Tools

  • FAN speed
  • PS3 Temperature
  • Show IDPS
  • Show PSID
  • Toggle Coldboot
  • Toggle System Version

Cobra Tools> FAN Tools> Dynamic FAN Control

  • Maximum temperature: 60°C: Sets the FAN speed dynamically to keep the system at a maximum
    temperature of 60°C
  • Maximum Temperature: 65°C: Sets the FAN speed dynamically to keep the system at a maximum
    temperature of 65°C
  • Maximum Temperature: 70°C: Sets the FAN speed dynamically to keep the system at a maximum
    temperature of 70°C
  • Maximum Temperature: 75°C: Sets the FAN speed dynamically to keep the system at a maximum
    temperature of 75°C

Install PS3 4.88.2 CFW

  1. Extract all require files in same folder
  2. Plug your USB drive and format with FAT32
  3. Create root folder in uppercase PS3
  4. Create UPDATE folder in uppercase inside PS3 (PS3>UPDATE)
  5. Make sure your update file name is PS3UPDAT/PS3UPDAT.PUP (If not, please rename)
  6. Turn on your PS3 system and plug your USB drive on PS3 second port (which is close to blu-ray drive)
  7. Go to setting>system software update
  8. Choose update via Storage Media
  9. follow the screen introduct and enjoy latest update.

PS3 CFW Jailbreak FAQs

Should I use my real or fake PSN account?

Creating a PSN account is free (like reactPSN), we do not recommend you to use your primary account. Go to Network>Custom Firmware Tools< PSN tools and choose between “Create accountID” or “Overwrite accountID” (Keep in mind the last option because if you already have a fake/real accountID ti will be overwritten.)

Can I create a fake act.dat?

This process only non-valid accountID. Just log into the local PS3 account where you want to create the account ID. . You can see if your current local account has an accountID by choosing Network Tab> Custom Firmware Tools> PSN Tools> Show accountID.

Can I block PSN log in?

This method only works with enabled cobra users. Cobra 8.3 will block login on PSN/SEN while the custom firmware syscalls are enabled, to enable it again you need to disable CFW syscalls completely.

Should I update my PS3 system?

If you have a compatible exploited PS3 system with Evilnat 4.87 or below. You should update for improvement and new features. You can read more about it and check all features.

Can I install any PKG?

Cobra 8.3 allows you to install unsigned act.dat and .rif files. So installing PS3 games gonna be easy for you.

Can I install Evilnat on my PS3 Superslim?

As I have mentioned above, this tutorial is only for CFW users. PS3 CFW Evilnat 4.88.2 does not support above PS3 models CECH-2508B or you can say superslim.

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Summary: I hope now you are enjoying PS3 new & improved 4.88.2 custom firmware on your PS3 system. Please like our Facebook page and subscribe to our YouTube channel and stay connected with us.

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