PS3 Pexploit V1.1

by Shaaz (Admin)

PS3 Pexploit is the only tool that used to inject PS3 PKG Games through backup files without jailbreak. In today’s time, a lot of software has come in the market with extra features like TrueAncestor Backup Retailer etc. Even if Pexploit Lite is an older version, no updates have been released after v1.0. So this does not mean that this software has become useless. You must have seen in my videos where I told that I would inject the game without jailbreak. On that process, PS3 Pexploit lite help me.

So Before that a question arises in your mind, What is PS3 Pexploit lite? I have covered the answer. Still, I would like to tell you one more time in simple language. PexPloit lite is a PS3 tool which helps to inject PS3 PKG games through PS3 System backup file.

How to inject PS3 PKG games using PS3 PexPloit Lite?

  1. Extract require files on your computer desktop or any specific folder.
  2. Extract your PKG game file using PS3 PKG Viewer.
  3. Run Pexploit Lite
  4. Choose your backup file.
  5. Select the extracted game folder.
  6. Select user
  7. Press the start button to start injecting process.

Note: To inject the game via PS3 Pexploit Lite, you will need PS3 system backup file and extracted PKG game files. You can extract your PS3 PKG games using PS3 PKG viewer.


What is PS3 PexPloit lite?

As I mentioned above and describe in simple language, PS3 PexPloit lite is a PS3 tool which allows you to inject PS3 PKG games through PS3 system backup file.

Do I need Pexploit lite?

It depends on your need. If you are ok with the latest features and you inject PS3 games using new market software like trueancestor etc. Then you no need this tool. But if you are wondering how to inject PS3 PKG patch games without jailbreak. You are on the right platform.

Why I can’t inject PS3 Games without jailbreak using TrueAncestor?

First of all, I didn’t try it with TureAncestor. Also, you can inject PS3 games using TrueAncestor Backup Retailer. But I’m talking about PS3 Patch games.

What do you mean PS3 patch games?

You have to patch the licence of whatever game you install in your PS4. Right? and whenever you want to run those installed games, you have to enable HEN/HAN. But if you install patch games then you do not need to enable HEN/HAN. I call it PS3 patch games.

Conclusion – I hope you got PS3 Pexploit v1.0 and learn something new from here. You can leave your issues and feedback in the comment section. Like my Facebook page and subscribe to my YouTube channel to stay connected with me.

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gamerxone May 6, 2020 - 9:25 am

“Smart Game Tech” is the password for the zip file.. Nice share bro.

qwerty123 December 9, 2020 - 3:54 am

hello shaz, i downloaded this PeXploit v1 but it says it has a virus how can i fix this??

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