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PS3 PKG viewer has been released publically and ready to download. PKG viewer users are very happy with PKG viewer. According to my review, In past days PKG viewer has been very easy & useful software. Why people jailbreak his own console? The answer is – to install PS3 Games for free via USB or LAN cable. I already described in my many articles there are two types of jailbreak. One is CFW Jailbreak and another one is PS3Xploit mean HAN Jailbreak.

According to my review, 70% people have HAN jailbroken console. On HAN Jailbroken console PKG Games is easy to install according to other formats. So, here PKG viewer helps you to view and extract package files without any cost. PlayStation 3 game installation task can be tough without PKG Viewer. Nowadays there are lots of software available in the market such as PS3 Game extract, PS3 PKG ripper, etc. They also work same as PKG viewer but they give you some extra features.

PS3 PKG viewer features-

  • Free to use
  • View PKG File
  • Extract PKG file

How to use PS3 PKG Viewer?

  1. Extract PKG Viewer ZIP file on your computer desktop or any specific folder.
  2. Run PKG Viewer
  3. Go to File>Open and open your PS3 PKG file
  4. Extract PKG file on source folder or select any specific folder where you wanna extract PKG files.
What is PS3 PKG Viewer?

PS3 PKG viewer is a pretty helpful software when we want to extract or view PKG file.

What can I do with PKG viewer?

Like an example, you downloaded PS3 PKG game via PS3 PSN stuff which will give you the game in PKG format. You can view your PKG game file and extract them anywhere on your computer.

How PKG viewer help me & why I need this?

As I mentioned above, you downloaded any game from PSN stuff or another website and your favorite game in PKG C00 format. If you install C00 game direct on your PS3 console. It will be only a demo game. But with the help of PKG viewer, you can extract your PKG game file and modify to unlock your PS3 game.

Conclusions – I hope you downloaded PS3 PKG viewer and you can view or extract PS3 PKG files. You can describe your PKG viewer issues in the comment section. Leave your feedback and help to grow this website. Like my Facebook page and subscribe to the YouTube channel to stay connected with me.

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