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You’ll love to hear that PS3 Rebug 4.85.1 LITE Edition has been released and ready to download. In the market too many Custom firmware available such as Forrex, Overflow etc. But we always wait for Rebug custom firmware (CFW) which I like most. Because in this firmware we got REBUG TOOLBOX 02.03.03 along with Cobra 8.2. PS3 Jailbreak 4.85 (HFW 4.85/CFW/Xploit) was released on 28 August 2019, just days after Sony officially released 4.85.

It depends on you what you have to do. I mean to say take some time and check the condition of your console. As your model is which one, it is installed CFW, HFW or you still on OFW. As I have told you earlier, after version 4.82 it is necessary to install HFW before applying any jailbreak. So, check first PS3 jailbreak compatibility list and figure it out what you can do with your PS3 console.

In cases, if you have already jailbroken your PS3 console and installed PS3 overflow 4.85 firmware, then you can simply install Rebug 4.85.1 Lite edition as you install update file via USB. I can neither tell the same thing over and over again in every article. I have already told you how to convert PS3 OFW to CFW 4.85. Go and check yourself. Follow the converting process and just change overflow CFW with Rebug and you are good to go.

How to install PS3 Rebug 4.85

  1. Extract PS3 Rebug 4.85 on your computer desktop or any specif folder.
  2. Plug your USB drive on your PC.
  3. Format your USB drive with FAT32 (Use SD card formatter tool on Windows 10)
  4. Create root folder on your USB drive PS3>UPDATE
  5. Rename your extracted PS3 rebug 4.85 file as PS3UPDAT.PUP
  6. Copy your renamed file and paste it under UPDATE folder.
  7. Unplug your USB drive from your PC safely and plug it to on your PS3 console second port which is close to blu-ray drive.
  8. Go to setting>update and update your system firmware.

It can be very confusing for a new user what to do. So, as I said at the beginning of this article, take your time and check your console condition. You can apply or install directly PS3 Rebug 4.85. If you really wanna install CFW your PS3 console until you already have installed CFW.


Can I simply install PS3 rebug 4.85 by following above-mentioned steps?

It depends, as I said earlier you can’t install it simply until you have installed CFW on your PS3 console. You’ll face 8002F957 error on your screen.

How do I know am I ready to install this firmware?

Just check PS3 Jailbreak compatibility list and find your PS3 console model which mostly hide behind the PS3. If it supports CFW installer. Then you are ready to install CFW on your PS3 console.

Is it password protected?

As far as I see the website. Mostly website provides password protected files for which you have to bypass the survey. Everyone knows how much it hurts to bypass the survey. Any file you download from Use Smart Game Tech password to extract files.

You’ll need these

Conclusion – So in this article, I have given you the complete information about the PS3 Rebug 4.85 and you can also download. So, what are you waiting for? You can freely leave your issues and feedback in the comment section. Like my Facebook page and subscribe to YouTube channel for upcoming updates.

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