PS4 Homebrew Store

by Shaaz (Admin)

In this article, we are going to cover PS4 homebrew store. Ever since Android mobile has come in our hands. Since then, we have been listening Google Play Store, Sony PlayStation Store till the arrival of the console. We had heard of Homebrew till now but now you are going to get to see and experience Homebrew Store. Now the question is, what are you going to benefit from Homebrew Store or what does it mean. Because after jailbreaking 90% of the people, neither do they understand anything except playing games and they do not want to understand. But for anyone who is interested in understanding this homebrew store is a very fun thing.

Whoever is a fan of playing games, I do not believe he would not know games like Gata 5. We all are GTA 5 fans including me. So I believe that whoever jailbreak his console Why won’t he think about the game mode? So the matter of your interest starts from here. You can enjoy MOD, Netflix, tweet, Amazon Prime, a lot of things from the homebrew store, without any cost. PS4 Homebrew Store is our future store which will be updated with new features. So if you are reading this article my suggestive is not to wait too much and install it in your console.

Application Details-

App NamePS4 Homebrew Store
File TypePKG


  • Downloads and Installs Apps whatever you want to add
  • Built-in Updating System no need to reinstall the Store PKG every Update
  • Optimized for Slow Networks
  • Hand-Picked Software Libraries
  • Light PKG Size about 10 MBs
  • HDD Download Cache By Default
  • When at Main Menu O goes to the page before
  • INI Saving System with Native Floating Keyboard
  • Uninstall APPs straight from the Store DL Page

PS4 Homebrew Store Installation Introduction

  1. Extract Homebrew Store PKG file on your computer desktop or any specific folder using WinZip or WinRAR.
  2. Plug your USB drive on your computer and format with FAT32 or exFAT.
  3. Copy your Homebrew Store PKG and paste it under USB root folder.
  4. Plug your USB drive on your PS4 console.
  5. Enable HEN on your PS4 console. (HEN 1.8 Recommended)
  6. Go to Debug Setting>Package Installer and install Homebrew Store PKG.
  7. Run Homebrew Store from your PS4 home.

Once you install Homebrew Store PKG on your PS4 console. First time it will ask you to update. Press OK to go ahead it will not update your firmware. The store will update by itself.

What is PS4 Homebrew Store?

PS4 Homebrew Store where you can find new MOD, Payloads, and other good stuff as you see new payloads on your exploit page.

It’s asking for update, Will it update my firmware?

As I mentioned above. It’s asking for application update, not system update. So, feel free to press OK and update your PS Store for new features.

Homebrew overview

You’ll need these

  • PS4 Jailbroken Console (PS4 Jailbreak 5.05)
  • USB or external Hard Drive
  • Homebrew Store PKG
  • Laptop/Desktop/Mobile Phone

Conclusion – Now you have Hombrew store on your PS4 console. Feel free to leave your suggestion, feedback or issues in the comment section about this article. Like my Facebook page and subscribe to my YouTube channel to stay connected.

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Gaertig August 18, 2020 - 8:30 pm

Will this work with 6.72?

Shaaz (Admin) September 3, 2020 - 10:38 am

Update version will work,

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