PS4 Jailbreak 7.02

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Ever since PS5 has been released, the PS4 jailbreak community has started to make public latest upper firmware exploits. We have news for next targetted firmware 7.50/7.55 and 8.01 jailbreak soon. Current Public exploits firmware version 7.02. Many people have patience by not updating their posts and finally they are getting paid. Here we are covering PS4 jailbreak 7.02.

Did you update your firmware yet? It doesn’t matter which firmware you are or your console model. This exploit requires only 7.02 OFW firmware. If you are on the below firmware. Please use update file and update your system via USB storage. We recommend USB update because online update always takes you to the latest firmware version which can’t be jailbreak.

PS4 Jailbreak 7.02 Steps:

  1. Update your system software (Only required for lower firmware console)
  2. Extract update file on your computer desktop or any specific folder.
  3. Plug your exFAT or FAT32 formatted USB drive on your PC.
  4. Create PS4 folder on your USB root.
  5. Create UPDATE folder inside PS4.
  6. Put your extracted update file inside UPDATE.
  7. Rename your UPDATE file same as PS4UPDATE
  8. Turn on your PS4 system and disconnect internet.
  9. Go to setting → System Software Update
  10. Connect internet to your PS4 system. (make sure you uncheck the update)
  11. Setup internet connection.
  12. Open your internet browser
  13. Put this address on your browser address bar “”
  14. Load HEN/Mira and wait for the success message.

Note: Jailbreak failed message could appear on your screen during the jailbreak process. Please reboot your console manually by pressing the system power button.


I’m on X.XX firmware can I follow these steps?

As I have mentioned above this exploit only on works on 7.02 firmware. If you are on lower firmware please download and install retail 7.02 firmware on your system before starting jailbreak process.

I got jailbreak failed message what should I do?

According to my review, only 5.05 is a stable jailbreak yet. Due to an unstable jailbreak, please reboot your PS4 system manually and give one more try without closing the browser.

My PS4 not responding more then 1 minute what should I do?

We always recommend to use highest speed internet connection you can achieve. You need a better internet connection to avoid this issue.

PS4 system instant shutdown whenever I go open JB or MIRA

In this case, do not turn on your PS4 system by pressing your controller PS button. Always use your PS4 system power button and try again for success jailbreak message.

You’ll need these

Conclusion – Getting new jailbreak updates pretty impressive and reliable for jailbreak fans. Above 5.05 all exploits such as 5.07, 6.72, and 7.02 are unstable. But only 1% of jailbreak users posted system damage reports somewhere in forums. Hope you guys will enjoy this exploit and the stable exploit will be in public soon. Like our Facebook page and subscribe to our YouTube channel and stay connected with us.

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