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PS4 Patch Installer is a homebrew utility for exploited systems. This utility allows you to install patches/updates on installed games. There is no point to log in PSN account on exploited system which requires updating installed games. But with the help of the PS4 patch installer, you can get direct updates/patches Packages from

In short: Patch Installer is a client between and your exploited PS4 system. It’s a plug-and-play homebrew utility, with no additional configuration. I know it’s painful to check the installed PS4 game ID for updates/patches. Now leave it on patch installer, game update, downgrade, patch, upgrades.

Homebrew Features

  • Pick game patches from a library with over 35.000 archived patches
  • Update or downgrade any game
  • Downgrade any game to base version 1.00
  • End-user friendly interface
  • Compatible with any HEN-supported PS4 firmware

How to Install Patch Installer on exploited PS4 system?

  1. Extract Patch installer package file on your computer desktop or any specific folder using unzipper or WinRAR.
  2. Plug your USB drive on your PC.
  3. Format your USB drive with FAT32 or exFAT.
  4. Put extracted (.pkg) file on your USB root folder.
  5. Plug your USB drive on your PS4.
  6. Enable HEN, Mira or GoldHEN.
  7. Go to setting → debug setting → game → package installer and select your file.

PS4 Games Updates/Patches steps

  1. Check game information which you want to update.
  2. Run Patch installer.
  3. Select game for update.
  4. Select patch which you want to apply.
  5. Press X by selecting continue installation.


Can I downgrade my game after updates/patches?

Anytime you want, you can delete your patch. Just run patch installer, select your game and delete the current patch.

I’m getting CE-36441-8 error after downloading a patch?

Do not try to install retail patches for fake PKG’s. Retail PKG and Fake PKG can’t be paired.

Will it update my system software?

Open your exploit page, select your firmware, disable updates and stay safe. This app will ask for an update before the run. Always select update later.

You’ll need these

Conclusion – Some people just want to play games, they don’t care about updates/patches and some want to stay on the lower version. Patch installer a great homebrew utility to install on the PS4 system. Because we can update, downgrade, and patch games by pressing one button. Like Facebook page and subscribe YouTube to stay connected with me.

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