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Xbox 360 Emulator has been released named Xenia. Xenia emulator run your Xbox 360 games on PC/Laptop which support OS Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 (32/64bit). You can’t run this emulator like others because you have to spare some time for minor coding using notepad ++. Microsoft release Xbox 360 on November 22, 2005. There is various emulator on the website with different names. According to me working emulator only on Xenia.

Xenia input support Xbox 360 controller, you can connect your PS3 or PS4 controller as Xbox 360. There is no option for key mapping manually or coding. As the developer says, he made this project just for fun. So, you may experience some game bug, green or a blank screen. Latest Xbox 360 emulator will fix all previous issues.


  • Full Screen
  • Auto Controller Input
  • Minor bug fixed

Play Xbox 360 Games on PC

  1. Extract Xenia Emulator files on your computer desktop or any specific folder.
  2. Create a new text file on the same directory named portable.txt
  3. Install Notepad++ on your PC.
  4. Run Xenia as administrator (xenia.config.toml file will generate)
  5. Open config file with notepad++
  6. Change line 17 cpu = “x64“, line 32 use_haswell_instructions = false, line 51 d3d12_debug = false, line 57 d3d12_resolution_scale = 2, line 76 gpu = “d3d12“, line 85 vsync = false
  7. Save config file.
  8. Plug your Xbox 360 controller on PC.
  9. Run Xenia → File → Open → Select Game ISO.
  10. Enjoy your games.


Is this working emulator?

I test this emulator by myself with different games. Yes, it’s working perfectly for me. Feel free to download Xenia and enjoy your games.

Do I need BIOS for Xenia Emulator?

No, Xenia does not require any BIOS to run any games. As I mentioned above lot’s of fake emulator on the web named “Xbox 360”. If you don’t want to waste your time I suggest to go only with this emulator.

Xenia game graphic bug?

As I have mentioned above developer made this project just for fun. So, this is not official or full version. You may experience some game bug or bad graphic.

How to key mapping on Xenia?

There is no option for manual key mapping. But Xenia support Xbox 360 Controller input. Once you plug your xbox 360 controller on your PC all game will run same as console.

Xenia Minimum System Requirements

ProcessorQuad-Core 2.0GHz or better
VideoVulkan Compatible D3D12
Hard Disk30GB Application + ISO
OSWindows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Xenia Recommended System Requirements

ProcessorSix-Core 2.0GHz or better
VideoVulkan Compatible D3D12
Hard Disk30GB Application + ISO
OSWindows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

You’ll need these

Conclusion: Enjoy Xbox 360 games on your PC. Feel free to leave your feedback, issues and review in the comment section. Like our Facebook page and subscribe to our YouTube channel and stay connected with us.

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